Monday, February 11, 2013

The Blizzard

Now that it is Monday and activity is resuming slowly, it gives me time to write about this phenomenal blizzard. Weather forecasters were predicting accumulations of 20 inches (50.8 cm.) in parts of our little state of Connecticut.
One weather system accurately predicted over 30 inches (76.2 cm.) of snow but being skeptical folk, everyone didn't trust that forecast or we clung to a more comfortable range. Well, that forecast was correct. We did exceed that amount. I live in Wallingford (which is neighboring to Meriden on the map). Our snowfall accumulation was 35 inches (88.9 cm.).
The storm began on Friday morning and by late afternoon it started to accumulate. A blizzard is defined as a snowstorm with winds of minimum speeds of 35 miles per hour winds (56 kilometers) and visibility of less than 400 meters. By evening all these conditions were met.
When we awakened on Saturday morning I photographed the after effects surrounding our home.
Here is our mailbox.
Will Mail Be Delivered?
By the way, the USPS delivered the mail on Friday. 
Our neighbor's mailbox was demolished.

Here is our above ground swimming pool. 
Pool is Closed
Today we have rain and fog. Our road is one lane. Two way traffic is passable by drivers pulling to the side to allow traffic from the opposite direction. Our biggest concern now is flooding because the storm drains are not cleared. 
Snowfall can be beautiful but when it is excessive it becomes inconvenient.


  1. That's an astonishing amount of snow!! What amazes me is how quickly things get moving over there, even after such a severe storm. In the UK, about three or four inches of snowfall is enough to bring the country to a standstill !! I guess it's all in the preparation. In the UK, preparation mean "cross your fingers and hope it doesn't snow!!"

    1. There are some communities and areas of cities that are still waiting to have their roads and streets plowed. Some neighborhoods have worked together and cleared their streets with their snow blowers and plows.
      Our governor declared a state of emergency on Saturday and declared there shouldn't be any road travel. That did allow the road crews to clean up the highways and state roads.

  2. And we think we have problems in Switzerland. Great admiration for all the people who still carry on with their work in spite of the conditions. Keep well and safe

    1. The snow banks are a miniature Switzerland. One has to slowly enter a traffic intersection because the snow is obstructing the view.

  3. OMG, your excellent images make me understand well how troublesome that blizzard must be to everyone who lives in your state. Going out will make one feel like swimming in snow... Keep safe, Robert!

  4. We were given some kindness weather-wise today. The sun was shining and the temperatures were moderate. The snow is melting. There are still roads not cleared and the schools remain closed. There is concern for people's safety.