Monday, November 25, 2013

Keeping Busy during Recuperation

I prefer not to write about my health issues in detail. Everyone has a struggle. I will mention briefly that I have had pneumonia for a couple of weeks and it never seemed to end. Probably the strain of endless coughing and stressing about the condition lead to this weird condition called broken hearted syndrome. It mimics a heart attack. So I got my first ride in an ambulance on last Friday morning.
The emergency medical techs were fantastic and when I entered the hospital I was taken immediately for a heart catherization. So fortunate to not have any blockages and just to be admitted overnight for observation.
But enough of this ordeal. I was hesitant to enter this entry in my blog. I'm not looking for sympathy. It's more of an activity to keep myself creative. I've read my local newspaper everyday and have read periodicals. These are things that I usually don't have time to read. They stockpile and when I get a chance when not watching TV, I'll retreat to these materials. Of course, the news changes everyday. I've never been a big sports enthusiast but there have been features in the sports sections that I have been following. I always favored the women's basketball games over the men's games. So, pleased to read that the UCONN women's team is playing well this season. It is only the start of the season and they have three players that are injured.
I have also been following the negotiations with one of the New York Yankees members. His agent is trying to negotiate a 10 year contract with the team for $310,000,000. The management isn't yielding even though this player has been productive. Many of my readers are overseas and don't have this news presented in their countries.
The weather is cold here. Sometimes our November can be a little milder but we are in a cold snap for a few days. Our national holiday of Thanksgiving is in a few days. I'm saddened to think that the retail stores are opened on this holiday. Families don't have time to be together. The retailers have opened this day for consumerism. Everyone has to gear up for Christmas shopping. I'm so glad that our family doesn't observe this obsession with buying.
Everyone credits the Pilgrims the first people to celebrate a feast of thanksgiving. Some of it has been morphed into myth. I just read today that turkey may not have been the fowles that the settlers hunted. They may have been geese and ducks. Regardless of history I do prefer turkey over duck.
So, I'm preparing myself to sit down at the table on Thursday feeling grateful that my health is improving.


  1. I'm glad to know that you're under a quick recovery. I had been wondering about your silence but never thought it might have been caused by such a health problem. I sincerely wish you have a nice time on this Thursday together with your family...

    1. Thank you, Belita. I hope to get back into submitting photos soon.

  2. I had wondered at your absence from Blogger. I'm happy to hear you are making a good recovery, and hope to see you back on 'Picture This' in the near future. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you, Mitch. I'm looking forward to coming back to "Picture This".