Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Snowy Evening in Late December

There is something about snow falling that is calming. We feel the coziness of our homes on a winter's evening. Snow transforms the dullest objects. On any other evening there wouldn't be anything spectacular to   want to photograph some trees, a fence, and a neighbor's shed. So when our dog had a nature call, I had this opportunity to record this scene that would otherwise be common.


  1. Snow scenes are fascinating to me, as they are very rare in my life. Wow... you have a nice dog! Love the contrast of the black dog against the white snow. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all yours!

    PS: Quoting the email I got from the Administrator of Picture This Group:
    "Hi Belita,
    I received a request from your friend Robert Carlo, asking to join the 'Picture This' group a few days ago. I immediately sent him an invite e-mail and a separate greeting e-mail to the address he sent his request from. However, it's now several days later and he has not yet accepted the invite or replied to my mail. I have no other way to contact him to establish if he received either, or if there are any problems with the link in the invite. Could you please try to contact him to find out, please? Many thanks."
    I wonder you have got his email and the invite.

  2. Pls disregard the above 'PS' as I have heard from Mitch that you have already replied to his mail.

  3. I sort of emigrated to switzerland and discovered that Winter snowfall is part of Swiss life. It is the part that I still dislike, but since being retired and not having to go out in it, I do appreciate more the beauty of snow scenery. I can even order my shopping online, so can avoid any dangerous car journeys. My cats have never really understood why dogs like snow, but they have never understood dogs. Lovely photo.

    1. I can guess that you receive more snowfall in Switzerland than we do in New England. I agree with you about hazardous driving conditions. It's better to be at home than driving in a winter storm.