Friday, March 8, 2013

One more winter storm

It's been a month to the day that we had the blizzard. This snowfall fell gracefully. March snowfall is wetter and for a short time everything object is coated. You have to quickly grab the camera and capture all of it before all of it falls away. This tree is our backyard taken from our bedroom window.

We weren't greatly inconvenienced by this snowstorm. Sure it was treacherous driving during the night and in the early morning hours. As temperatures rise snow turns slushy. In a few days, all of this will melt away. We're that much closer to spring.


  1. You seem to have had more than your fair share of snow this winter!! No doubt you will be glad to see Spring finally hove into view!!

  2. Nice shot of that snow coated tree. It must be nice wake up in the morning, open the window and have that snow scene.Obviously, I'm thinking of one face of the coin, only!

    1. It was a great treat to view this scene from the window. You phrased it right about the one side of the coin.