Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspired by Pat's Blog Entry

I was inspired today from reading Pat Gerber-Relf's Thingamajig. My wife and I were in Philadelphia last May. We ventured through the city. A family friend told us about Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens. It is an art museum of mosaic murals. It is a half a block long on South Street but it is spreading. It is open to the public and the admission fee is minimal. Philly Magic Gardens is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural events.It has become a destination spot in the city.
Isaiah Zagar began working on his murals in 1994 on a vacant lot adjacent to his house.He spent the next fourteen years excavating tunnels and grottos, and sculpting mural walls.
Here are some of my photos.


  1. Wow... I would love to see in person such beautiful murals. My God, his creativity wings seem to have no limits... Thanks, Robert, for sharing this very beautiful post along with very good images...

  2. Fascinating photos - reminds me a bit of the Austrian artist Hudertwasser - and thanks for the mention, am glad I inspired, was an honour to be mentioned.

  3. I had not heard of Zagar's work or the 'Philly Magic Gardens' previously, but it will definately now be on my list of things to see if I ever visit that city. Thanks for illustrating your post with some great photos

  4. Amazing work and gorgeous as well, Bob. I'm glad I ventured to your site. Miss you! Let me
    when your due back. Enjoy teaching! Thanks for all your help in the past, Meg