Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Reading

This photo is not of my house but I wish it was mine. It is a house in the center of town. It has a beautiful porch. This was taken in the morning. I can visualize the occupant of this home sitting on this chair when this porch is shaded in the afternoon.
If it were me, I would be sitting in that chair with a glass of iced tea on the table. My time would be occupied reading a book. Of course, that time must be set after all of the day's chores are completed. I can't read a book aware of what has to be done without feeling guilty. I would make sure that all of those potted plants were watered before the sun bakes them dry.
I could fall asleep in a lounge chair and not be able to read ten pages. It would be better in a chair like this. I could place my book on the table instead of my lap. Maybe in between turning the pages and advancing through a chapter I could sip my iced tea and feel the moisture on the glass. It might me some moments to reflect on what is going on in the story. It is a quiet street with hardly any traffic passing by. It could become a nice summer afternoon.