Friday, November 23, 2012

Attempt to Record What I See

When I awakened this morning there was fog and everything was covered in frost. I looked out my kitchen window and saw the sunlight shining through the fog. Here was an attempt to photograph this soft light coming through the trees. I had to position myself in order to block out the direct sunlight so I angled my camera with the tree on the left to shield it. There are three images taken of these trees and this is the one that I chose because there are two trees creating a border on both sides of it.
I do my photography in Camera RAW so that I can build upon the image. It did take a few minutes of post processing in Elements to achieve the closest to what I wanted to show. The original image is in color but to me it seems to work best in black and white. You can faintly see the house in the background. This was my first attempt to capture this light.

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  1. Your efforts were successful... Awesome first attempt!!!!