Sunday, November 25, 2012

I lived in the Greater New Haven area all my life and always appreciated the easy access to the richness of Yale University. The university's galleries and theaters provide cultural enrichment to the public. 
I went recently to the Art Gallery and was amazed by the collection. I went to view the Modern and Contemporary Art displays. The Gallery has some notable works of Art by renown artists like Picasso, Muro, and Dali. Although this gallery cannot compare to the size and collections displayed at the MOMA in New York City, the time and cost of gas to travel to downtown New Haven makes it an affordable day for enrichment.

I became focused on the structure of the building more than the collections. The west wall's design of windows captured my interest. The windows reflect the building across the street. As you can see it was a beautiful Fall day.
Windows of the west wall of Yale's Art Gallery.
The Gallery's windows are shaded to block damaging sunlight. The screens are thin enough to view the buildings surrounding the gallery. The campus is a blend of architectural styles as can be seen through this caption . Most of the buildings are in the Gothic style. When I was younger I viewed this buildings as replicas of European universities. Maybe it spurred my interest in Western Civilization and a desire to travel abroad.
View of Courtyard from Gallery's north side.
There is only a restriction on flash photography. I kept checking my ISO and aperture settings so that I could photograph the interior. This wing of the gallery impressed me greatly. Here is my capture of the spaciousness.
When I walked to column where the guard is standing there are a bay of windows to the right. The sunlight formed this pattern on the floor. The Art Gallery itself is a combination of styles. I was now in the original building of the gallery.I could not go past this point because construction work is being done on a new wing that will house American Art. The wing will open on 12-12-12. 
What motivates a person to view works of Art? It is a great satisfaction to view an artist's expression and to comprehend the effort. A person can leave with their memories if he or she does not have a camera. I post this photograph to conclude my gallery experience. It is only a record of one of the treasures Yale's Art Gallery displays.

First Step by Pablo Picasso


  1. Your shots are very nice art works! Would love to visit in person that gallery. I love visiting art galleries, though sometimes I get out and feel disppointed, somehow! Looking at art provides a refuge for sympathy, quietude, inspiration, and even ecstasy in this increasingly chaotic world....

  2. Belita, your reflection on art is beautifully expressed.