Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Life Remembered

I am saddened to learn about the death of one of my residents where I do volunteer service. I offered my assistance in computer skills. My unique experience with Stuart will always be treasured. A webcam was set up on the desktop computers for the residents. They could do video conferencing through Skype. When Stuart discovered that the webcams could do still photography, he resumed his passion for photography.
I never asked him how long had he been without his camera equipment. I'm sure that he had to let go of some of his possessions to live there.
Over the course of four years, I learned a lot of things about Stuart. He traveled through Europe when he was younger. He stayed in London for awhile and went to Jean Straker's Visual Arts Club in Soho. Stuart was interested in photographing nude models and at the time, Straker's studio was well known.
I was always amazed by what Stuart accomplished using foil, napkins, flashlights, bubble wrap, and ornaments. He spent hours at the desktop modeling the objects and experimenting with angles and lighting.
Stuart was allowed to do a gallery presentation of his images in the main floor of the facility. The public was invited. Refreshments were served. He was so delighted that day.
His dexterity was becoming increasingly limited and he had to stop creating images. I still continued to visit him and I knew how difficult it was for him to be resigned to his limitations. Yet I sometimes could see that joviality emerge. He loved having visitors. I always enjoyed my visits with Stuart because we could laugh and when he laughed it was a good jolly release of endorphins. Audrey Hepburn said, "I love people who make me laugh." She went on to say, "It's probably the most important thing in a person."
And so it was with Stuart.
Here are three images saved on my hard drive that are Stuart's.


  1. I can understand your feeling sad after learning about the passing away of such a good friend. From your words, he must have been a very special person with a very unique personality. May he rest in peace...

    1. Death has been so prevalent recently with family members but when we choose to become friends with people there is a difference. I have been doing volunteer work for four years and I always feel that I receive as much as I give.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of Stuart's passing. He sounded like a unique individual. I like his photographic art, particularly the first shot.

    1. The first shot is the best. I always made it clear to Stuart that I wasn't patronizing him. He did some beautiful work.