Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Memories within the Peel

Whenever I peel a tangerine it rekindles memories as a child. My earliest recollection is of the oil range stove we had in our kitchen. My mother peeled the tangerine and placed the peelings on top of the hot plate. The zest of the peel would singe and it produced the sweetest smell. When the oil range stove was replaced with a gas stove, my mother attempted to recreate that smell again. She placed the peels in a pie plate and placed it over the blue flame. It just didn't replicate the same results. I probably couldn't produce the same effect on our electric stove. It can only be a childhood memory of a mother showing her son what discarded tangerine peels can do.


  1. Peel a tangerine if you have a cat or cats. They do a very fast disappearing trick. It is a christmas smell, no doubt. We tend to spike an organge with cloves which gives a very good scent.

  2. Reading your blog brought back one of my childhood memories: when we had tangerines and if we found a segment smaller than the others we had to shout 'Philippine' and kiss everyone at the table. I have no idea where this tradition comes from...

  3. I am pleased that my blog entry evoked your experiences with tangerines.