Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Long Absence

I haven't posted anything in my blog for close to two weeks. Some of the reason is related to the tragic shootings at the elementary school in my state, Connecticut. Everyone is saddened by the slaughter of children. I am a substitute teacher in the elementary schools in my location. I've come to know the dedication of the teachers and the students in these schools.
Returning to school on this past Monday was tense. The schools were prepared to deal with children's fears. I was instructed that if any students wanted to talk about the incident I could refer them to the school psychologist and social worker. I had a class of third grade students and there seemed to be no outward signs of anxiety. We did make it a normal day. What made it best for these students was the presence of their teacher at the beginning of the day. Even though she took the day as a personal day she wanted to reassure them that everything would be all right. I admire such dedication.
The victims were between the ages of 6 and 7. I was present in classes  this week with children of the same age group and I looked upon their faces and wondered how capable could a person be to shoot them. The modern explanation of the assailant's motive is based on psychological disorders but it must have seemed evil to the first responders.
I am pleased tonight to know that the children in my town seemed unfazed by the shootings. Their distraction to learn is not caused by anxiety but caused by their anticipation for Christmas and their vacation. The first graders in one class were making ornaments to give their parents. This is the way schools ought to be.

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  1. The massacre was such a heart-wrenching matter... As a mother it's hard to describe the pain and sorrow I felt for those victims and their families... Things have changed so much from my time when the influence of parents influenced their children, immensely... How little influence parents have on their children’s behavior, nowadays! Even though, parents should not give up teaching their children to have values. Perhaps if parents are a bit authoritarian and not so permissive, indulgent, neglectful, children would have a better behaviour... Glad to read the anxiety of the children at your school had nothing to do with the massacre but with the anticipation of Christmas and their vacation...
    Ps. On Dec. 11, I sent you an email asking whether you would like to join the Picture This Group.I wonder you got it...